5 Ways to Carry Your Baby to Feel Comfortable


New moms and dads may be confused about how to hold a baby properly so that the baby feels comfortable. A newborn’s tiny body sometimes makes mama and papa afraid to hold him. Instead of making it comfortable it becomes stiff and uncomfortable for the baby. Here’s how to hold a baby right for mom and dad so you don’t have to be afraid anymore when holding a baby.

1. Carrying a newborn

When you want to hold your little one, make sure that the mother’s body position is as parallel or as close to her body as possible. Then tuck one of Mama’s hands down the neck to the upper back. Next, place the other hand behind the baby’s body or around his bottom. Do it carefully, Mama.

2. Rearrange the hand position

After the little one is in the sling, Mama can rearrange the position of the hands so that he feels more comfortable. Make sure that one arm supports the head and neck well while the other arm supports the baby’s back, legs and feet well.

3. Carrying in an upright position

To hold the baby in this position, you have to make sure that the baby’s head is on the shoulder with the position facing back. Support your baby’s neck and head with one hand, while using the other hand to support part of his back and buttocks.

4. Carrying in a sitting position

At the age of 4-6 months, the baby may be able to be carried in a sitting position facing forward. How to hold a sitting position is to bring the baby’s back to the mother’s body and support her groin with her hands. For the other hand, use it to support the little one’s chest.

5. Holding the baby in the M . position

To use a sling, don’t let your little one’s thighs just hang when you carry him

This method is considered to be at risk of causing hip dysplasia in children. Because, this position will give greater emphasis on the hip area.

The recommended position is to hold the baby in an M or M shape position, which is to position the baby’s legs and buttocks in an M shape. And make sure the knees are higher than the buttocks. This position is very similar to the position of the frog. When carrying mom and dad need to make the baby feel comfortable. One of them by paying attention to the diaper used. Make sure Mama and Papa give you the best diaper that has a breathable and soft lining so that baby’s skin is safe and comfortable. Merries diapers provide comfort for babies because the surface is soft and has 3 layers of air circulation. Come on Mama, Papa start carrying the little one with Merries!

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